Print your own Posters! {a fun bulletin board tip}

Pop over to The Primary Punchbowl to see how I’m enlarging files to print my own posters and add to my bulletin boards!



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Browsing Boxes for Non-Readers

You know the feeling…you’re stocking browsing boxes for the start of the school year, putting in easy level A and B books for your emergent readers.   But you have one or two (or six) kiddos who aren’t reading yet….still not passing that pre-A…maybe with a serious lack of language skills in general.

So…what in the world goes in their box?  They need more practice and instruction time than your average kiddos, but it’s hard to find things they can do independently.header

Well, I have a few suggestions that have been working to give my most struggling readers something they can work on independently.

Wordless readers are a wonderful option if your kiddos have enough language skills to tell the story.


I also like to make books with my kiddos what have very simple patterns and photos of the students or their favorite things.  This is a great option for intervention, but isn’t as practical in the classroom.  You can read more about how I make books with my students here.


You can even model how to tell a story or describe a simple object from a single picture and place simple pictures in your kiddos browsing boxes.

RATK Getting Ready to Write

But what about the kiddos who don’t have strong language skills?  Who won’t tell a story on their own? spiderman-letter-formation-cards

I have found good success using simple letter cards in my student’s browsing boxes.  I put ONLY the letters they know on a ring and teach them to say the letter, trace the letter using the marked starting point and then say the letter again.  This helps them to not only gain fluency naming letters but also helps with fluency in letter formation.


You can use any letter cards, but I love to use cards with my kiddos favorte characters to keep them even more engaged.


You can see the different versions I have created in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Another favorite for non-reader browsing boxes are these 1:1 matching cards.




As simple as can be, the student simply points to each object while naming it.

You can find these one to one matching cards here.


What else are you putting in browsing boxes for your struggling readers?


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Winner Wednesday {Favorite Mice Craftivity}

Winner Wednesday Header

Hello, September!  We’re back into our school routine and getting ready for fall here in the Buckeye State!  I’m excited to link up with Jennifer and Sara to share this fun bundle of mice to pair with your favorite books!

Winner Wednesday

I love finding ways to incorporate crafts and creative projects into my classroom and the beginning of the year is the perfect time to break out the craftivities and work on those cutting skills!  Plus you have the chance to practice following step by step directions and even though everyone’s making a similar project, they always show a little bit of the kiddos personalities, too, in the way they put their characters together and add facial expression!

This bundle includes lots of different options to pair with your favorite read alouds!

This little mouse is so easy to build, but does require some cutting skills. The best part: it’s no prep!  Print and go.

print and go craftivities


He’s easy to build, but does require some cutting skills because a few of the pieces are on the small side.

I think this little guy looks adorable even without any of his accessories and he’s a perfect match for books like Mouse Paint and Mouse Count.

0152001182   0152002235   015206091X


Or…You can start with this little mouse and some accessories.

I like to copy the mouse on colored paper, then the accessories on white and let my kiddos color them to their liking.

coloring mouse accessories

You can give him overalls  and a cookie, take him to the movies or take him to school (cookies, school supplies and popcorn included!)


0060245867  0060283289  0060278676

If you love Kevin Henkes as much as I do, you’ll find tons more uses for these little mice!

Make a mouse in a dress with a purple purse or a really long name.

mouse-with-a-purse   chrysanthemum

0688128971  0688147321  0688147380

This pack also includes a mouse in pants a shirt so you can make any of your favorite mice from Wendell to Wemberly!


0688140246  0688114490     0061857769

There are just so many options for these little guys…Plus this product includes several writing options to pair with your favorite books!



If you’d like to win my Favorite Mice Craftivity Pack, click below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also see this product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking here.

Good luck!


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Classroom Reveal {My New Reading Room!}

Classroom Reveal Header

I’ve moved schools and traded in the first grade classroom for a new reading room.  This year I’m teaching Reading Recovery and Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) groups and I had so much fun setting up my new little space.  It’s a completely different expereince not having my own class, but I’m adjusting and loving my new role!

Here’s a peek at my new space.

reading table close

My new room is primarily for my Reading Recovery lessons – I’ll be pushing in for LLI groups.  Here’s my reading table.  You can read about how I organize this space here in my Reading Recovery series.

reading table

I’m storing my binders and my students’ books in these little binder bins in this new space.  I completely love these bright stripes, too!

RR Binder Storage

And I have a whole new set of my favorite Really Good Stuff book bins for all my leveled readers!

book bins

I do have a small group table in my room, too.

small group table

I had the most fun setting up my little desk/office area.  It’s been so long since I’ve had a teacher desk so I wanted to add some personal touches so that it feels comfy for all that reading intervention paperwork that will need to be done here!

classroom office area

unicorn lamp

I mean, seriously, how cut is this uniorn lamp?!?

desk with unicorn lamp

I’m also loving my new teacher toolbox!  Perfect to keep all our desk supplies organized.  You can find my editable toolbox labels here.

teacher toolbox

Here’s how it all comes together.

classroom panoramic

Can’t wait to get the learning started in my new space!




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10 Books for the First Weeks of School

We are in our second week of school and I’m loving my new role as a reading intervention teacher.  But I’m also missing having my own classroom and reading my very favorite back to school books so I wanted to share those with you today!

books for back to school long pin

Getting started with a classic…

no david

Everyone’s favorite trouble maker goes back to school and breaks all the rules!


Chrysanthemum loves her name and her classmates learn a lesson about kindness.

What if everybody did that

A great reminder about why we have rules and what might happen if everybody decided to break the rules!

Everyone can learn to ride a bicycle

A short and sweet story about perserverance and learning new things.

the girl who never made mistakes

Beatrice never made a mistake…until one day she does!  A great lesson about grit and learning from our mistakes.

beautiful oops

A fun story about the beauty that can come from making “mistakes.”

the dot

A simple story about creating your own beautiful things!

The Most magnificant thing

A story of determination and perserverance – and building the most magnificent thing!

How Rocket learned to read

Rocket makes a new friend who helps him learn to find the joy of reading.

a big guy took my ball

And because it’s always a good idea to have a laugh…Piggie and Gerald remind us that it’s all about perpective in A Big Guy Took My Ball!


What are you reading in the first weeks of school?


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