Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you!  

I’m not sure exactly how to begin here…a small talk introduction? Just jump right in and share?  Welcome you here, like it’s a formal meeting?

Here goes…

I teach first grade and Reading Recovery in a small town, have two kiddos, wonderful husband and a crazy dog.

2014 had wonderful and tearful moments for our family and we are looking forward to starting 2015.  This year, I plan to begin sharing my experiences in Reading Recovery, co-teaching and the first grade classroom.  Teaching Reading Recovery has made such a positive impact on the way I teach reading in the first grade classroom and I hope to share my experiences.

I want to talk openly, like we’re already friends.  So let me tell you this…I want to share, I want to create and I want to be honest about our life.  I am hoping that sharing here helps inspire me to create more and take risks.  As I move into 2015, I have selected “love” as my one little word.  Love my family, love my job, love my life.

Happy 2015 and I hope we get to be friends.



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One Response to Happy New Year!

  1. orwell1627 says:

    Good luck with your blog!


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