Snow day, cold day, and almost discontinued

It has been a crazy week!  Back to school from winter break on Monday, snow day on Tuesday, back to school again on Wednesday, “extreme cold” day today.  We should be back in session tomorrow – it’s supposed to be a whopping 12 degrees in the morning.  This every other day schedule is kind of nice, but it sure doesn’t let us get back into our learning routine at school.

I am coming to the end of my 20 weeks of Reading Recovery lessons with two of my first round students.  I always worry about my struggling readers when we have extended breaks from school because they tend to take a break from everything school related, but these two kiddos blew me away on Monday!  One moved up to a new text level – 12! – and did an awesome job reading with very little support from me.  Red Socks and Yellow Socks is one of my favorite level 12 texts but has some unusual structures since it’s written in past tense and my kiddo completely rocked it – swap socks and all!


My other rock star has been working on monitoring her own reading for the entire 18 weeks we have been working together.  Every time I think she has it and we move up a text level, she completely forgets again and goes back to reading without paying any attention to making sure she is correct.  BUT she came back from break like a self monitoring champion!  Just check out this running record…


Every attempt made sense.  On every attempt she realized that she needed to go back and self correct.  She read a new text level at 100% on the running record.  I always try to make my teaching point a positive – especially with this kiddo who needs some extra love – and I was so excited to go back and point out what a great job she did rereading and self correcting her errors.  Bonus: she read with mostly appropriate phrasing and intonation.  What more could I ask for in the two days back from break!?!

I have only 2 more weeks with these kiddos – and snow days count – so we still have some work to do, but I feel confident that my kiddo reading level 12 will be considered “successfully discontinued” (meaning that he’s working at grade level and no longer needs intervention).  I think there’s a real chance that my girly will be discontinued, too, but she tends to be hesitant and lack confidence when faced with a cold read, especially when she realizes she doesn’t get her usual prompting.  Regardless of how the testing goes for her, I am certain that she has made progress from the beginning of our lessons.

I am in the process of updating most of my Reading Recovery products that I have posted on TpT, but since mid-year students are about to start, I wanted to share my Roaming Around the Known action plan.  I create one for each student using the data from their Observation Survey and then I update it with words they can read or write and reading behaviors I observe throughout the two weeks of Roaming Around the Known.  It could also be useful in a guided reading group with information about each student or the group as a whole.  Preview

Click the image to download a free copy of my action plan.

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