Week 20 is here!

It’s week 20!

My last two fall Reading Recovery students have reached the end of their time with me and at the end of this week I will test them to see if they can be successful in the classroom without further intervention.

I have a love/hate relationship with testing my Reading Recovery students at the end of their lessons.  I love to see what they can do, but I also get SO nervous.  Maybe this is how it feels to send your child to college – you teach them what you can while you have them with you everyday and during that time you worry about them, brag about their successes and cry about their struggles, hope that you’ve done everything right but worry about all the things they haven’t yet learned to do on their own and then you just have to send them out into the world (or the first grade classroom!).  College and first grade reading assessments are a fair comparison, right?!?

Since I can only plan so much for the few remaining lessons, I’ve been looking ahead to my mid-year students and updating some of my resources.  I posted a new version of my Roaming Around the Known Action Plan.  It includes my editable action plan and the parent communication form that I send home each week.


(Click the image to visit this item on TpT)

Once I’ve given the Observation Survey and selected my new students, I sort the student’s skills into things they can do independently and things that I will have to support during the first two weeks of lessons and before I begin direct instruction.  Since this is an editable document, you can simply drag and drop my action points on the form and add the words that your student can read and write.  I also highlight the letters once the student knows the sound.  I love having this form out on my table while I’m teaching Roaming lessons so that I can glance quickly at known words and letters while getting to know what my students can do on their own.

The Parent Communication form is really meant to be a quick note home and an opportunity for parents to ask for clarification.  I typically write a couple sentences sharing my main goal for the week so that parents know what our focus has been on and can be supporting those items in homework.  I try to keep it simple: “L is practicing checking his attempts by looking at the first letter to make sure it matches his attempt”  “M is working on saying words slowly and writing the beginning, middle and ending sounds with teacher support.”  “R is learning to check her attempts by saying the word slowly, sliding her finger under the word and looking to see if the letters she hears matches the letters she sees (slow checking)”  I don’t use this for official records keeping, though it can make a good artifact for evaluation showing two way communication with parents.

I have two options for this form in my TpT store.  One is just the action plan and parent communication form and the other is a more extensive Reading forms packet.  I’ll post about the forms in my Reading Intervention Data Collection and Planning packet later this week (pending life getting in the way).

Have a great week!

Happy teaching.

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