Reading Homework Book – Freebie! :)

Testing is underway…

My girlie has made good progress and can do so much more than she could 20 weeks ago!  She is attempting new words and knows how to confirm her attempts – yay!  Most of the time she can find parts she knows and use those to help her decode.  She still has some work to do, but she is learning!

My other kiddo at 20 weeks has been out all week with the flu, so we’ll wait and see how that testing goes next week.  Fingers crossed he’s made enough progress to be working at grade level and discontinued.

I’ve been updating my Reading Recovery forms and working on my TpT store and I am LOVING my new homework book!  I already made books for my two new kiddos (and I haven’t even finished testing my “old” kids out, yet) and I love how much more polished this version looks.

Every year I update my process for Reading Recovery homework and I think I finally have a plan that is effective for my students.  Students get extra practice and the homework is easy enough for them to do without help, which is important because many of my students don’t get help with homework after school.

In each Reading Recovery lesson, we compose a message (more on that at another time).  The student and I write the message together with the student doing as much as possible.  I add in anything the student cannot write without support, such as vowel spellings, silent e, unvoiced letters, etc.


I write the student’s message on a sentence strip and then cut each word apart.


The student constructs the sentence and then reads it.  If we have time we practice high frequency words from the sentence, mix the words up and then have the student read closely and correct or practice phrasing and fluency.


Now to the homework book…we put the cut up sentence into an envelope attached to the inside cover of the homework book.  I write the sentence on a post it note and stick it on the envelope.  (You can glue the envelope to the back of the homework book cover, then laminate the cover and use an exacto knife to cut the envelope flap open for extra durability)


I give the each student a letter or word to practice on the lines in the book.  These come from the lesson and sometimes I ask the students to come up with a word they want to learn.  They usually pick names of friends, pets or family members and hobbies that they want to be able to write independently.

For homework, the student builds the cut up sentence, glues it into the box at the top of the page and reads the sentence aloud.  Then, they write the words or letters on the lines and (hopefully) read them to an adult.


Eventually, the students transition from writing words to composing their own sentences for homework.  This gives me flexibility for the homework to grow with the students, but still maintain the same structure.

The new update is new posted FREE on TpT (click here to visit my store).  Please check it out and click “follow me” to get updates when I post new products!

Happy Teaching,


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3 Responses to Reading Homework Book – Freebie! :)

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  2. Maryanne says:

    Hi Elisabeth,
    I have tried to link to your Freebie-Reading Recovery Homework Book. I get a message that the link does not exist or is down. You’re site is great-thanks for all!


  3. Elisabeth says:

    Hi, Maryanne! Sorry for the trouble with the link – I’ll work on that asap! In the meantime, you can find my Teachers Pay Teachers store at The homework book is my featured freebie and should be right at the top of my main store page! 🙂


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