Roaming Around the Known…with Coffee (of course!)

You know when you get this great idea…something that sounds great, something you really want to try, something you think could be great…and then you realize that you work full time, have two small kids and never sleep?

Yep – there right now!

I so want to share my classroom experiences and build community with other teachers…but I also want to spend time with my family, prepare for my students, post some products to TpT, host super fun Jamberry parties, plan and teach a 6 week program to help parents help their kids with reading at home, squeeze in some exercise and maybe actually sleep…

So here I am…finally posting again…

I’m wrapping up my mid-year Roaming Around the Known.  It’s taken 4 weeks to get in 10 lessons because of snow days, two hour delays and professional development, but these two kids are awesome!!  They are the reason I teach and keep coming back.  They are learning so quickly and taking on new things everyday – even in RATK when I’m not directly teaching!

So, while I promise that a full Roaming post is coming…because I actually LOVED teaching Roaming this session…here’s a little preview.

Miss J loves non-fiction and was loving writing her own expert books.


Mr. A loves Batman and likes nothing more than writing books staring himself as Batman’s side kick!

Winter 2015 2275

I really promise this time…a full Roaming post within the week…because everyone should have this much fun Roaming Around the Known!

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