Five for Friday! {And it’s SPRING BREAK!}


Every Friday, I browse through the Five for Friday posts from Doddle Bugs Teaching and I love seeing what everyone has been up to all week.  This week I’m finally joining in the fun…so here’s our week!



I’m teaching a six week family program to kindergarten and fist grade families {can you say WAY out of my comfort zone?!} and this week we focused on reading and writing non-fiction.  The kids started expert books while I taught a short parent lesson, then kids and parents worked together to find more facts from books, youtube videos or BookFlix and wrote books together.




We powered through the last week before spring break with this awesome forces and motion unit from Miss DeCarbo.  My kids loved the activities and they kept everyone engaged, even during this challenging week!



We finally had some nice weather in the Buckeye state and got to play outside!  I’m realizing that this summer is going be much more challenging {and fun!} than last summer when I wore the little man everywhere and didn’t need to worry about two kids running two different directions.  New running shoes are a must have!




I got some sweet notes in these readers’ notebooks during free writing day.




My class earned stuffed animal movie day this week.  A parent brought in these precious treats and we watched Willy Wonka, since I’m currently reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to them.

I’m on spring break this week!  Yippie!  We are staying home and enjoying a “peaceful” week…I’m hoping to avoid school work until at least Tuesday.  Hopefully I’ll actually post about my family program series and update a few products for TpT this week!

Have a great week!

Happy teaching,



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