Five for Friday {April 17 Edition}


I’ve only been joining in Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching for three weeks and I LOVE it!  It’s so fun to see what everyone is up to for the week and I like the idea of keeping my own weekly updates as a sort of journal for myself.

It’s been another week in the life…with two littles at home and 21 littles at school, there is never a dull moment!  So…here’s what we were up to this week!



Even prisoners like to read, I guess



Rows and rows and rows of tiny cells…three stories high!


When you are invited to sit in a Shawshank chair, in a creepy, otherwise empty room, you say yes.

I spent the weekend with my fabulous Alpha Delta Pi ladies at the Ohio State Reformatory!  The girls had their formal there and it was completely amazing!  We got to take a walking tour through the former prison, which was so interesting and SO CREEPY!  I would say, hands down, that it has to be haunted.  Plus, it’s the set of several movies…including Shawshank Redemption…and it was so cool to see the actual rooms where the different movie scenes were filmed.




This week my family program focused on fiction.  Parents learned about comprehension and asking deeper questions while the kids made Piggie and Elephant.  Then, everyone wrote their own Piggie and Elephant stories and practiced asking and answering questions.  (Craftivity freebie coming soon to the blog!)




My firsties had their final NWEA MAP test this week!  This test will measure their growth from the beginning of the school year and their growth will make up half of my teacher evaluation.  Check out my heart rate, as measured by my fitbit, during testing.  Resting around 80 to start…about 150 at the point half my class got kicked off the wifi…and elevated around 120 during the rest of testing.  No stress here.  BUT my kiddos all worked so hard and I am so proud of how far they have come this year!



Miss O started ballet this week.  She’s so excited to be a dancer and she couldn’t be any cuter (in this momma’s opinion)!






We are changing the properties of matter this week. It’s messy and glorious. These little scientists love it!

Next week we are starting our alphabet countdown to the end of the school year! How can if be that time anyway!?

Have a great week!

Happy Teaching,



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