My Teacher Anchor {and why I love it!}

I’ve used about 15 different types of lesson plans and plan books over my 10 years in the classroom.  I’ve made my own digital lesson plans by the day and by the week.  I’ve used countless different lesson plan books.  I’ve planned with my team and used a shared format…and I always think there has to be a better way!

Last summer I decided I was going to try going back to a true plan book and I actually did a ton of research into a bunch of different teacher planners…because clearly there was one somewhere that would make my lessons engaging and effective for me, right?  I honestly talked about lesson plan books so much that my non-teacher husband could probably list the pros and cons of each brands!

S…I finally decided on the Teacher Anchor from C. Jayne Teach.

And…I love it!

Ok, so it doesn’t actually write outstanding, interesting, differentiated plans that will help all of my students learn, but it comes pretty close.


Here’s a preview of what you can expect from the NEW Teacher Anchor – available TODAY!  It’s adorable…yes, those are metallic silver polka dots…and you can even have the binder personalized this year.  It’s making me want to order a newbinder just for that.  (I might have a *small* problem with having eveything I own personalized!)

Chandra has made some changes to the design for this year, but I wanted to share some highlights from my current Teacher Anchor.



The main planning portion is fairly standard (I only teach in the classroom half day, which is why I don’t use all the spaces!), but I love the little sections at the top.  I love taking a minute to jot down something that went well during the week…it really forces me to think about the whole week and reflect on overall success (and failures).


Grade book or checklist sheets are included and I love to keep my assessment data here!  Then I have everything together when I’m planning or tracking growth and progress.


The Teacher Anchor includes Common Core Standards with space to list when you teach each standard.  I’m not showing you the ones I actually use…I’m all for keeping it real, but my first grade ELA pages are a disaster and I just can’t!



You’ll also find monthly calendars, complete with “pep talks” and monthly to-do list pages to keep you organized.

There are also great pages for long term planning and substitute teachers, which I didn’t do a great job using this year, but I’m going to have my Teacher Anchor in time to plan ahead over the summer and work on the big ideas for each month…maybe I’ll even join the colorful pen and washi tape planner crowd…though that might be a stretch for me…

My ONLY complaint about my Teacher Anchor is that the cover on the 2014-205 version was easily torn off…BUT Chandra has already solved this problem by updating the cover material!

So…head over to C. Jayne Teach on Instagram to find out more about the fabulous launch weekend she has in store!

Happy Teaching,



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