Rocking Out the End of The School Year!


I’m excited to be joining Katie Texas for some ROCKING classroom ideas!  I don’t know about you (and I know I’m not alone here!) but the closer we get to the end of the school year, the crazier my class gets!  I have assessments to complete, skills to review and things that just need to be accomplished…and my lovely firsties just have so much energy they could pop!

I love celebrating the end of the year with a countdown and for many years I’ve done an alphabetical countdown for the last 26 days of school.  My last day of school is May 28, so we are already working our way through the alphabet and I haven’t even gotten my DRA forms restocked for the end of the year, yet (so I’ll be making copies of Game Day this week for sure)!

I try to make these activities as educational as possible while making them fun, because we do still have 26 days of school and a lot to learn and review!

I do many of these activities during my literacy centers or science and social studies time, which keeps our schedule consistent and because I teach science and social studies at the end of the day, it gives them something to work for.  So far, my class has done A – H. They loved Center Choice, which was super easy for me, too!  I put out all the center games we’ve learned this year and let them have free choice.  They worked for so long I actually managed to meet with all 5 of my reading groups AND assess some sight words! BONUS: how easy is it to plan centers when you get to use all of the games you already taught!?

Checkout out the countdown fun we’ve had so far!

A: Alphabet or adventure books. I read a few and my kiddos wrote their own, too!


B: Beach total reading – something about the beach towel makes reading so much more fun!

C: Center Choice (Whoops, I forgot to take pictures for this one) I’m sure you can picture it! 🙂




D: Dance
E: Exercise
We sure do love GoNoodle! I used Zumba for dance and Fresh Start for exercise. And Bart got a power up from all that movement!

F: Fantasy – I read several fantasy boss and many kiddos used center time to write their own, too!



G: Games. Kiddos brought games from home and I put out our indoor recess collection. They loved sharing their games!

H: How To The kiddos wrote and shared their own, then we made a snack and wrote a class “how to.”

You can grab my kindergarten and first grade countdowns for free by clicking the pictures below!


If you’re not quite ready to countdown yet, you can check back with me here as we go through the countdown.  I’ll share some ideas and activities as we go through out alphabet.  🙂

Happy teaching,


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