We LOVE teachers! {Blog Hop!}


Tomorrow kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week and I am so excited to team up with these other awesome ladies and bring you a ton of freebies!  YAY!

I am so thankful for the wonderful teachers I have met through social media and am always inspired by how positive this teacher community is…THANK YOU for being fabulous!

The end of the school year is almost here!  We are only 18 school days away from summer vacation!  That time will certainly fly by, especially because I’m off most of this week and heading to Clemson where my husband will graduation with his Master’s…and we still have field day and a zoo field trip coming up…and DRAs to complete with my 21 firsties!  WOW!

So…we are at the point in the year when I am getting ready to start end of the year memory books with my class!


Click the image to download your free copy!

I’ve done these in a variety of different ways over the years, but I think it’s most successful when I give the kiddos one page each day, rather than copy the complete booklets.  It’s a little more organization at the end, but it does keep their books from getting torn up and I can put them together nicely once they finish.

I include a page for myself and my co-teacher, along with all of the specials teachers and the principal.   I do encourage them to write a favorite memory about the teacher or something that loved from that class, but give the kids freedom to write basically anything they want and they are usually hilarious! (I promise I’ll come back and update with pictures from what my kiddos write about me this year…I apparently don’t have any pictures from previous years!)

Slide4 Slide5 Slide6

I also include a page for their favorite memory from the school year (almost always the zoo field trip or field day…I’m sure it’s because they fall close to the end of the year and are fresh on their minds, not because they think field trips are more entertaining than my teaching!)  Plus a page for them to write a hope for second grade.

Slide14 Slide15

On the back cover, I have a page for kiddos to autograph for each other.  The love doing these and since I usually don’t have a lot of kids with year books, it’s a nice alternative for them.  Finally, I write a letter to each kiddo.  Some years these are longer than others, but I write at least a little something for them and include it in their completed book as a surprise.

Slide17 Slide18

I usually include these into my day during writing or literacy centers.  We try to do one a day, but there are usually a couple days we do two as we get closer to the end.  I collect them each time and present completed books for them autograph on the last day.

I hope you enjoy using this book with your class.  I’d love hear what you think!

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Happy Teaching,


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