The Book Whisperer {A Book Study}

Book Study Begins

I think Donalyn Miller and I could be best friends.  So many times she says exactly what I wish I could say.  This book is exactly the dream I have for my classroom…my students read, read, read, and they love it!  In the forward of this book we hear that Donalyn “never beats around the busy.  She says exactly what she things and what she knows.  She doesn’t hold back.  Her credibility is borne …gut instinct and an ability to let go.”  Seriously, I want to be her friend!

I’m joining some fabulous ladies for a book study to dig deeper into The Book Whisperer.  Click here to see the book on Amazon and order your copy! 

Each week one blog will host a linky party and I hope you’ll read and post along with us this summer!

Here’s where you’ll find our book study each week:

Chapter 1: Right here on  Literacy and Lattes (June 11)
Chapter 2: Pride and Primary (June 18)
Chapter 3: Brogan’s Bits (June 25)
Chapter 4 and Whisper: My Day In K (July 2)
Chapter 5: The Whole Wheat Class (July 9)
Chapter 6 and Whisper: Shoelaces & Sweet Faces (July 16)
Chapter 7: Mrs. B’s First Grade (July 23)
See you this summer!
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