Right now I’m reading…

Right Now I'm Reading

I’m hoping this becomes a regular feature here…a quick peek at what I’m reading at home and at school.


It’s the last week of school!  We are reading end of the year books and my favorite is I Knew You Could!  I always read The Little Engine That Could on the first day of school so this one feels like full circle on the last day.

At home Miss O is loving rereading The Wizard of Oz!  We’ve read this abridged version once before and it’s her favorite “chapter book” so far.  I’m going to try the unabridged version with her over the summer…might be too long, but we shall see.

I’m listening to How Children Succeed during my commute.   I found it randomly as I searched Pinterest for ideas about teaching grit and I’m finding it really interesting.  Some research I’ve heard before but reaffirming and making me really think about how we teach our children (at home and school) to be successful.

I’m also loving The Book Whisperer!  I can’t wait to dig in to this book more and hopefully make some meaningfully changes to my literacy centers/workshop for next year!

Grab the image and link up!  I’d love to know what you’re reading!

Right now I'm reading    Right now I'm reading - Blank


What are you reading right now?

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