Wordless Wednesday {May 27}


I love Wordless Wednesday with Miss DeCarbo!   Pictures are always my favorite part of any blog post anyway!


Tomorrow is my last day of school!   I have memory books and gift books ready to go and we have a busy day ahead of us!  What do you give your students as end of the year gifts?

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2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday {May 27}

  1. Linda Groce says:

    I always get a memory book ready for my kinder cubs. This year, I also gave the boys a sand bucket and the girls a summer tote bag. I filled them with summer things they could do outside….sidewalk chalk, flying discs, etc. This year, I just simply ran out of time to make little cards for them, but I did tell the girls that I hoped they had a “tote”ally cool summer and I told the boys that I hoped they had “buckets of fun” for the summer. They loved it! I love your memory books and gift packs. Hope the day went well!! Linda G.


    • Elisabeth says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Linda! I love the bag and bucket idea! Our year wrapped up quickly and the kids enjoyed making their books. I hope you have a relaxing summer!


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