Five for Friday {June 19}


I sort of lose track of the days in the summer…then Bloglovin’ reminds me it’s Friday by filling my feed with Five for Friday posts!  🙂  So I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday this week!



I did some early morning blogging this week with the help of my little man….he only sits still to eat, so as long as I keep the fruity cheerios coming he’s a happy guy!



I got my first Very Busy Box full of adorable goodies!  I especially love the little strawberry basket bowl…and the number push pins, cute and practical!




I let my kiddos play in the backyard in their pjs.  Miss O thought this was the most fun she ever had!  Haha its the little things!



Our first strawberries in the garden are ripe!  And they aren’t lasting very long!


wpid-20150616_110332.jpg wpid-20150616_122138.jpg

We have an awesome science center close to us with a great kids floor.  Mr. B loved filling up and dumping out the wheelbarrow…while Miss O built some creations she called “explatiators” and “omdoobers.”

We’ve had a rainy summer so far…what are your favorite things to do with small kiddos when it rains (for days on end!)?

I hope you’re having a great summer – or surviving the last days of school!

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7 Responses to Five for Friday {June 19}

  1. Stacy says:

    I love your pictures! Especially the strawberry in the mouth 🙂



  2. Bagby says:

    The science center looks like so much fun! The very busy box is sooo cute. I am heading there now and hope I get one soon!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701


  3. Sounds like you have had such a fun filled weekend!! YAY to playing outside in pjs!!!


  4. I can relate to trying to find rainy day things to do. We used to live in Seattle and are headed back there in 5 months. Our favorites on rainy days were the childrens’ museum, indoor trampoline parks, indoor bouncy house play places, bookstores that had a Starbucks in them, puddle jumping when the rain let up to a drizzle, the zoo, the YMCA, and lots of play dates with friends to break up the boredom.
    Joya 🙂


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