I’m a Reading Recovery Teacher. NOW WHAT?

Reading Recovery Teacher

I’m about to start my fifth year as a Reading Recovery teacher.  When I first started the week long assessment training Miss O was 6 weeks old.  I was in a delirious haze of new motherhood and the Observation Survey. I was completely overwhelmed.

My awesome Teacher Leader got me prepared to give the OS, but I didn’t really know what else my new job entailed or how to get ready for the next steps.  There weren’t many resources beyond my Teacher Leader so we just asked her a million questions, which she patiently answered.

Are you feeling totally overwhelmed with the new task before you?

I’m hoping this series will help new Reading Recovery (or reading intervention teachers) get organized…and maybe save some Teacher Leaders from enduring the questions we put ours through. 😉

Here’s what I have in store for you:

In this post: My Reading Recovery Classroom Space

Observation Survey Organization and Score Communication

Organizing Paperwork and Materials

Roaming Around the Known Part 1

Roaming Around the Known Part 2

Print and Go Sub Plans

So…let’s talk classroom space and set up.

I share my space with another Reading Recovery teacher.  I teach my four students in the morning and she teaches hers in the afternoon, so we aren’t in the room at the same time, but we each have our own table.  That way, if I don’t get completely cleaned up before lunch my mess isn’t in her way.

Reading Recovery Classroom Space

My table is kid height, so I usually end up sitting kind of angled toward my student, but it makes the kiddo more comfortable.

Predictions of Progress Student Goals

On the board above my table I keep 4 of these boards.  They are actually plastic place mats that I cut in half and clip to the board with magnets.  For each of my 4 kiddos I keep a couple “big goals” on post-it notes so that they are right in my line of sight while I’m teaching.  (You think you can keep your students straight, but trust me, they all start to blend together and posted goals help keep me on track!)  You can check out my goals (ready to print on your own sticky notes!) by clicking here.

When I have kiddos with letter formation issues or limited letter knowledge (as pictured here) I add the letters they know above the board.

Reading Recovery Table Drawers

 On the left side of the table, right in front of my chair, I keep this three drawer organizer.  The top drawer is just blank copy paper.  I use this during Roaming Around the Known for notes or student writing/drawings and keep it there in case I have a substitute (more on that in a few weeks).  The middle drawer is my lesson records and running record forms.  I copy these about 200 at a time (alternating lesson records and running record form) and three hole punch them before I put them away so I can quickly grab them to prep for the next lesson.

Reading Recovery Supplies - Bottom Drawer

The bottom drawer is a “junk drawer” of sorts.  I keep glue sticks for student homework bags (click here to read about my student homework book), crayons and markers for Roaming Around the Known or 1:1 matching practice and my calculator for running records.

Reading Reovery Teacher Supplies

Right next to my drawers I keep my teacher supplies.  Tape to close the envelope in homework books, post it notes for student sentence homework, dry erase markers and erasers, chalk, correction tape, scissors for cut apart sentences, pencils and pens for lesson records (I prefer mechanical pencils for lesson records and running records).

Reading Recovery Table Supplies

In the middle of the table I keep magnetic letters, my white board, chalkboard and student markers.  I use colored Flair pens – two of each color so the students can quickly select matching pens for the writing portion of the lesson.

Reading Recovery Book and Binder Storage

Lastly, next to my table is my white board easel and this awesome organizer – perfect for 4 student binders and book boxes.  You can see this shelf here.

Is that helpful?  Am I easing a little of your back to school stress?  I hope so!

What else is stressing you out about teaching Reading Recovery? I’d love your comments!

Happy Teaching,


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