Tell All Tuesday: A Dream, A Wish and A Goal

Last Tell all


And just like that it’s the last week of summer!  Where does the time go?!?  I’m excited to be linking up with the awesome Teach Talk Inspire and My Day in K for the last Tell All Tuesday!

This week is all about getting ready for the new school year and setting some goals.

A Goal, A Wish, A Dream


I really want to work on finding the balance between blogging, creating, teaching and being a wife and mom.  It’s so much easier in the summer when the kids nap and my hubby is at work to devote my time to “school stuff,” than it is to make the time during the year.  I’m working on a schedule so I don’t get too bogged down!

Yes…my wish is vague…but I have a feeling this could be a challenging year ahead.  As a Reading Recovery and classroom teacher, I usually have a good number of at risk students in my classroom.  I’m going to stay positive, do the best I can and work hard for the kiddos in my room!

My dream isn’t something that I’ll pursue until the end of the school year, since I just can’t imagine leaving a class of kiddos, even if the opportunity presented itself, but I want to work on getting myself ready to work as an instructional coach and teach teachers.

I’d love to see your goals for the school year!  Be sure to check out what my bloggy friends are wishing for this year, too!

Happy Back to School!


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