I Teach Reading Recovery: Organizing the Observation Survey

Reading Recovery Teacher

It’s hard to believe it’s that time already, but I’ll start assessing potential Reading Recovery kiddos next Thursday!

This week’s post is all about getting ready and my newest product for when parents hear you’re assessing and inevitably ask, “So…how’s Johnny doing?”

First, a few tips to keep you organized.

Observation Survey Binder

I like to keep all my Observation Survey supplies in a huge binder (and a cute new cover is now on my to-do list!)

Observation Survey Binder - Forms

In the front pocket, I keep a booklet of the student forms for letter id, Slosson and the Ohio Word Test.  Then, I have all my other supplies in plastic sheets: books for Concepts About Print, blacklines of each assessment and all the leveled texts with tabs so I can find the levels easily.

Observation Survey Binder - Leveled Text

My other tip is to make sure that you write your name and school on the forms before you copy them!  This seems like a small thing, but is so helpful as you roll through the assessments.

I’m super excited to share this FREEBIE with you!

Observation Survey Parent Communication

Every time testing rolls around I have at least a few parents ask, “So, you worked with Sally this week?  How’s she doing?”

I usually end up writing a letter with some basic score information but I wanted to make that process more consistent so I’ve put together a packet to share early literacy assessment information with parents.  I’m not going to send this home with every student I test at the beginning of the year, but I will send it with anyone who asks.  I also plan to send it with my four kiddos as they discontinue or reach the end of 20 weeks.

The packet includes a parent letter explaining the purpose of the assessments and a permission form for their child to receive Reading Recovery….

Literacy Asessments for Parents

plus a parent form to explain each assessment and share the student’s scores.  The forms include the national averages for beginning, middle and end of first grade to give parents an idea of where their child falls in the range.

Letter ID for Parents

Obesrvation Survey - Running Record


Observation Survey - Ohio Word Test

Observation Survey Communication - Writing Vocabulary

Observation Survey for Parents - Hearing and Recording Sounds

Observation Survey Parent Pack - Concepts About Print

It will be quick and easy to check off what the kiddo knows and send the packet home to parents!

Click here to download your free copy.

How do you stay organized for assessments?  I’d love to hear your tips!

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4 Responses to I Teach Reading Recovery: Organizing the Observation Survey

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  2. Maryanne says:

    This looks perfect Elisabeth! It did not download when I clicked where directed. Is it for sale now? I start Roaming Wednesday and would love to have this as I analyze my new students’ OS results. Thanks for any help!


    • Elisabeth says:

      Hi, Maryanne! Sorry about the broken link! You can download the OS parent communication packet here: bit.ly/OSCommunication I hope you find it helpful! 🙂


      • Maryanne says:

        Thanks very much Eilisabeth! This is fantastic and is a great way to communicate the OS results to parents.
        I start RAK today-so perfect timing for this terrific resource. Thanks again!


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