I’m a Reading Recovery Teacher: Roaming Around the Known

Reading, Book, Child.

Our firsties are SO SMART this year!  Seriously – we tested so quickly and our kiddos know so much already it’s going to be a great year of learning.

After testing, we take one “data” day to get organized before we start our students.  I make all my writing books, homework books and assemble my student binders.  I keep all my masters in a binder so I can quickly pull what I need to copy.  You can read more about my student binders here.  
Reading Recovery Master Copies  Reading Recovery Forms

Reading Recovery Student Forms

Reading Recovery Copies on Card Stock

These last three get copied on card stock.  I like to make sure the student record of known words in reading and writing doesn’t get too beat up since I use it everyday.

Reading Recovery Permission Form

I also send home a permission form and a video release for each student.  I don’t always video tape, but figure it’s best to get permission at the beginning in case I end up needing to tape a lesson later on.  My permission slip is included in this product.

The last thing I put together are student action plans and Observation Survey summaries.  You can read more about my action plans here.  

Roaming Around the Known Action Plan

It’s taken me some time (4 years…or so) to get to this point, but I have honestly found a love of the first two weeks of Reading Recovery.  This “Roaming Around the Known” time is designed to help the teacher and student get to know each other and for the teacher to support what the student already knows.  Only, here’s the catch: no teaching.  WHAT?!?  We only have 20 weeks and we can’t teach for the first 10 lessons?  But we do get to “demonstrate” and make our students feel successful.

It might go against my love of routine and structure, but I’m enjoying planning these lessons.  I start the first lesson by learning about my student’s family and things each student loves.

Student Family Drawing

I use the list of things my kiddo loves to plan the next 9 lessons.  This friend loves super heroes – especially The Avengers!  For lesson two I printed a few of his favorites so we could write about them.

RATK Getting Ready to Write

He picked Thor so we wrote a few sentences together to tell about him.

Roaming Around the Known student writing

We also used the letters for “Thor” to count the letters in a word and to begin to see the difference between letters and words.

While we write, I highlight the letters he can match to sounds on the action plan so I can hold him accountable for those sounds when we write together.   My notes are pretty simply, but help me keep track of what we did during the lesson and what the kiddo could do.Roaming Around the Known notes

Then, after his lesson, I took the sentences and made them into a book that we can read together tomorrow.

Student written Thor book

I’m just getting started with Roaming this round, and I have a few things I’m really excited about (I *might* have build a big Thor hammer to use tomorrow!) so I’ll post again next week with some more ideas!

You can read more about what works for me in Roaming Around the Known here.

I’d love to hear what works for you during RATK!

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3 Responses to I’m a Reading Recovery Teacher: Roaming Around the Known

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  3. Liz says:

    I’m a RR Teacher Leader in NYC and I love how you are engaging with children through the things they love – like superheroes. Writing is SUPER powerful during these early days!


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