Teacher Week: 5 Fun Facts

monday fun facts

It’s Teacher Week at Blog Hoppin’ and I’m excited to join the fun! Today is 5 fun facts about you…so I’ll just dive right in!

1.  When I first graduated from college, I taught 5 years – three years in kinder before looping to first – in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  I moved there knowing not a single person and made some amazing friends.  Sometimes I can’t believe that anyone let these babies teach children!  We’ve come a long way!


2.  I joined Alpha Delta Pi sorority my sophomore year of college and I’m still involved as an advisor to my chapter.  Miss O sings ADPi songs and will tell you she wants to be an “ADPi girl” when she gets bigger.

ADPi Legacy

3.  My favorite movie is Elf and I watch it year round.

4.  The first books I ever loved were The Baby-Sitters Club.  I read every single one, probably more than once.  I might have gotten a little overly excited to see that they were back as graphic novels!

5.  I met my husband in high school marching band!

Seriously…who are those people?

Be sure to head over to Blog Hoppin’ and join the fun this week!


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One Response to Teacher Week: 5 Fun Facts

  1. I am a year-round Elf watcher as well. Smiling’s my favorite. 🙂


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