The Easiest Game You’ll Ever Play!

Piggie Header


We are official in the holiday season!  Which means we need to pull out all the tricks to keep our class learning and having fun while they wait for Santa!  So…here’s a quick and easy game that gets kids moving and practicing letter names and sounds.

Here’s how it works…mix the piggy cards into the letter cards and put all the cards on a ring.  Flip the cards and have the students say the letter name or sound for each.  BUT here’s the fun part – when a piggy card shows up, the class stands up, wiggles all around and says “piggy, piggy, piggy” until you say “STOP!”

I know…it sounds completely ridiculous.  But I haven’t had a class yet that didn’t love and beg to play this game!  Bonus, they pay close attention to the cards because they don’t want to miss out on the piggy!

You could easily play this game with numbers, sight words, math facts, etc.

Piggie Piggie

Click the image to get your Piggy, Piggy, Piggy freebie!


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