Candy Cane Science Lab {Simple Science for Primary Classrooms}

Boy looking at conical flasks in classroom

It’s December and we are trying to have all the fun!  And survive until break…

My class loved this little science lab and it’s perfect for the holiday season!  Candy cane lab headerWe’ve done a few different versions of this investigation with gummy bears and candy corn.  The results are always a little different so it’s a fun way to test their prior knowledge and talk about the fact that experiments don’t always turn out the way we expect.

Here’s our question:

What happens when you soak a candy cane in different solutions?

Start with four cups – I like to label mine so I don’t lose track of which one is which.

Fill one with water, one with water and tablespoon of salt, one with water and a tablespoon of baking soda and one with water and a tablespoon(ish – I don’t measure this one) of vinegar.

Add a candy cane to each.  We used mini candy canes so they fit easily in the water.

Let the candy canes soak for about 15 minutes.  While the soak, the kiddos can write their hypothesis.

water cup

vinegar water

salt water cu

baking soda

Then, after soaking, I fished each candy cane out so that the kiddos could investigate the results up close.

candy cane investigation

I always include a control when we investigate.  It introduces an important science concept and also makes the objects concrete for my firsties.

candy cane lab

candy cane science

Gotta love a toothless first grade smile!

The kiddos document their results by drawing and writing.

document results

summarize results

You can check out the lab booklet in my TpT store by clicking the image below.


What’s your favorite winter science activity?  I’d love to hear in the comments!


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