Sixty Books in 2016

I love to read.  I always have.  That’s the main reason I teach reading.  Everyone should know the joy of escaping into a book, looking at favorite book characters like their best friends, thinking about new ideas…

As a teacher-mom, I read a ton of children’s literature.  The books shelves in my classroom and home literally can’t hold anymore books.  Seriously, we had to clean off Miss O’s book shelves just to fit in her new Christmas books….and it was painful because she couldn’t part with any of her books!

I wish I read more.  I want to read more.  I have a huge list of “to-read” books on Good Reads.  So when I saw Amanda from My Shoestring Life post about the Sixty Book challenge, I knew I had to do it!

I do listen to a lot of audio books while I drive to and from school, but I want to be purposeful in my reading.  So…


Here are some of the books I have on my must read list this year.

Slide2 A little bit of everything.  I loved Wonder, and Auggie and Me has been sitting on my nightstand, unopened, since September.  Miss O loves The Princess in Black. so we’ll be getting caught up with the second book before the third one comes out in February.  Ron Clark and Kim Bearden…need I say more??

I’m always looking for book recommendations and I’d love you to join me on Good Reads!

Use #SixtyBooks and #ReaderGonnaRead on social media to share what you’re reading!

Happy Reading,


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