2016 Plans and Goals!

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Wow!  It’s 2016…and I’m getting a late start on sharing my plans and goals, but better late than never!  I’m linking up with the always inspiring Ashley and Angie for this months Together We Are Better – talk about ladies with big plans!


I’m focusing on JOY this year!  I think it’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day business and forget to look around at how amazing life is.


At school I’m going to focus on sharing my #happyclassroom moments!  I’ve started a twitter account to use with parents (our Facebook page just isn’t cutting it anymore) and I’m going to include my students in creating the tweets throughout the day.

As I shared in my New Year’s Resolutions, I’m working on letting go!  Some things just really don’t matter and I’m going to try not to let the little things steal my joy!  Does it really matter if everyone sits criss-cross at the carpet (as long as they aren’t bothering anyone else)?  Not at all!

I’m also working on not feeling like I need to do it all!  I have to let go of some of the less important things I feel like I should take on…I don’t need to be on all the committees, participate in all the programs and generally do all the things!

I’m only in the classroom half the day and I sometimes feel like I miss getting to know my kiddos really well.  I want to really be sure I’m taking the time to listen to my kiddos and refocus myself on building relationships – isn’t that what really makes a difference anyway?


How pathetic is is that I actually have to make it a goal to let myself relax and have fun with my family without feeling guilty??  My brain is always running with all the things I want to do…for school…at home…as a teacherpreneur…

Does it matter if there are dishes in the sink…or if that blog post doesn’t go up until tomorrow…or if that lamination doesn’t get cut perfectly along the lines?  (OK, let’s be serious – that last one really does matter!)

So, in the interest of letting myself relax, do more of what I love and let go of what doesn’t matter, I’m going to give myself a schedule (one can’t really let go of everything!) to help me focus on one thing each day.  On nights I focus on TpT, I’ll let go of the dishes, I promise!  I’m building in time for myself, too!  I want to read more (read about my  plans for the Sixty Book Challenge here), so I’m building that time into my schedule, too.  We make time for what we value, right?

I’m putting down the work while my kids are awake, too!  I want to actually enjoy them and not spend that time constantly taking care of household chores and work!


Lastly my business!  I’m still pretty new to this teacherpreneur thing and am still developing my style.  I want to really focus on making products I love using in my own classroom!  I’m going to try a few new activities with my kiddos and push my comfort zone some…I’m hoping for big things in 2016!

I want to share myself though my blog and products, but I also want to share more of my blogging life in real life, too.  It’s not a secret, but it’s not something I share easily.  I have no idea why.  In the interest of sharing more of myself and focusing on relationships, I’m going to work on it!  Just like in my classroom, aren’t the meaningful, personal connections the best part anyway?

Even though “letting go” tops my list of resolutions, I’m going to push myself on the things I really care about!  I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store!

Happy New Year,



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One Response to 2016 Plans and Goals!

  1. dirome40 says:

    Love your blog and your goals!
    Spreading Joy One Giggle At A Time


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