We’re Roaming Around the Known Again!


Can you believe it?  It’s week 20 in Reading Recovery!

I’m in my second week of Roaming Around the Known with one kiddo and getting ready to finish up lessons with my other three students this week!

If you’ve read some of my other Roaming posts, you know I haven’t always loved these lessons, but I’m constantly working on finding new ways to keep Roaming fun for my students (and myself!)

I love making books with my kiddos in early lessons.  My current kiddo loves the book “Look at the House” so we decided to make our own version of the book.

look at the house student written book

In “Look at the House” the pencil is drawing a house, step by step.

look at the house

So we decided to write our own book about how to draw Batman.

First, my kiddo drew his Batman and I wrote down a list of the steps so we would have the process figured out before we started the book (I also demonstrated a super quick way to make the letter “e”…note: I did not “teach” this, just pointed it out *wink*wink*)

how to draw plan

We wrote our book exactly like Look at the House, one step on each page.

how to draw book

student written book

how to draw batman book

I love these little My Own Keep Books for writing books during Roaming.  It’s amazing how motivating it is for students to read books they wrote themselves!

I’ll be back over the next several weeks with more things I’m trying with my Reading Recovery students during Roaming.  What are your favorite things to try during Roaming Around the Known?  I’d love to hear in the comments!




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