Use Google Docs to Organize Student Data

Using Google Docs to Organize Data

We are in our final lessons and getting rolling with testing and student selection for mid-year Reading Recovery students.  Once you give the Observation Survey and have all your student data it can be difficult to get all the scores organized for student selection…

Enter Google Sheets plus conditional formatting!

Honestly, the easiest way to get student data organized for any type of assessment!  I can take no credit for the idea behind this.  My awesome teacher leader shared the idea with us to make student selection easier, so now I’m sharing the tip with you!

Seriously, it couldn’t be easier and BONUS if you work with other teachers, you can share the doc so you can easily enter your own data and see all the students at once!

Open your Google Drive.  Click NEW and open a sheet.

Google spreadsheet 01

Enter your headers.  When I put in Observation Survey data, I put each test, plus a category column for the stanine.

Google spreadsheet 02

Select the column you’ll be using to organize your data by clicking on the letter at the top.  Then, select FORMAT and CONDITIONAL FORMATTING.  I format each stanine column.

Google spreadsheet 03

For the OS, you’ll want to select “Text is Exactly.”  I set stanine 1 to be filled red.

Google spreadsheet 04

As you enter the formatting options, you can click “Add a new rule” to set stanine 2 filled orange and stanine 3 filled yellow.

Google spreadsheet 05

Now enter in all your student data and the cells you formatted will automatically turn red, orange or yellow if the student scored a below average stanine and stay white for average and above average scores.

Google Spreadsheet 07

At this point, I prefer to print the sheet so that I can look at students across the board.

I cut each student’s scores into a single strip.

Selection 01

Then, organize them based on low stanines to see which students will be joining me in Reading Recovery.  I take anyone with a stanine 1 first, then anyone with a 2 and finally any students with nothing lower than a stanine 3.  You can organize within each group by number of low stanines.  The colored boxes make it so much easier to see who really needs support.  I think they also help to show overall low areas for the students, which might be addressed with the classroom teachers if the need is great enough.

Selection 02

Once they scores are organized, you can easily see the top 4 and select your Reading Recovery students.


You can use Docs to make your Guided Reading groups, too!

You can set up conditional formatting for to color cells with scores between given markers, too.

Google Spreadsheet 10

I set them up here to show well below in red, below in yellow, on grade level in green and above in blue.

Google spreadsheet 11

Then, simply sort from A to Z to organize the scores…

Google spreadsheet 12

…and groups are ready to go!

I hope you find this helpful!  I’d love to know what you’re using Google Docs for in your classroom!


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