Five for Friday {St. Patrick’s Day}


Hooray for Friday!  I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday to share some highlights from my week…it was a fun one!



We voted in the Presidential Primary this week in Ohio!

we voted


We got two HUGE BOXES from Donors Choose and #BestSchoolDay!  My class is in love with these bike peddles to keep bodies moving and blood pumping while they work!


read and peddle peddles


My class earned extra recess and they think it is hilarious when I {attempt to} do the monkey bars.  One little friend asked if she could take my picture for our class twitter…I couldn’t say no!  😉

Teacher on the monkey bars


We are getting started on forces and motion with an awesome unit from Miss Decarbo.  It is seriously so much fun!  Today we investigated how you can push and pull on the playground.

forces on the playground

forces on the playground 02

forces on the playground 01




We made these little Leprechaun trap treats and wrote a recipe.  It’s an old Mailbox Magazine recipe and my kiddos love it every year!

leprechaun pudding

We have one more week to go until spring break….and my birthday! I’m planning a little celebration for next weekend so be sure to check back! 🙂

Have a great weekend!



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2 Responses to Five for Friday {St. Patrick’s Day}

  1. Kathleen says:

    Love hearing about the forces unit- that is coming up for me next year. Also love the leprechaun trap- I had forgotten about those cookies! See you around. Kathleen


  2. Cool! I have never seen those little exercise bikes – that would be such a great way to keep some students focused!
    We also have one week to Spring Break – hang in there!
    Lindsay (Word Walls & Wanderlust)


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