Five for Friday {Totally Random}


Where has the week gone?!?   I feel like I have no idea what happened to my week…we did a million things, but I took hardly any pictures, so I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a completely random Five for Friday!



I’m slowly but surly convincing my class that they can love Maximo!  They are complete Kidz Bop addicts, but they’re coming around!


brag tags

We are getting ready for Right to Read Week – a week full of fun reading activities and our Family Literacy Night.  The awesome secretaries at my building cut out 400 “camp badges” (aka brag tags) for each day of the week!  Seriously, they are amazing.


Benjamin basketball

My little man thinks he’s a basketball star…despite the fact that he is 2 years old and in the 10th percentile for height.  He went totally crazy throwing balls in the gym this week!


formal selfie

advisorsI advise sorority at my Alma Mater.  Last weekend was their formal so we got to join in the fun…and had to take copious amounts of selfies to fit in with the college girls!


final bracket

The Tournament of Books ended in a Crayon VS Crayon showdown!  In a landslide vote, the final winner was The Day the Crayons Came Home…it’s all about the glow in the dark in first grade!

perfect bracket

Two girlies in my class had PERFECT bracket predictions!  I thought this was pretty impressive!

Our end of the year countdown begins on Wednesday…I can’t believe we are only 28 days away from the end of first grade!  How much longer do you have until summer break?

Have a great weekend!



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One Response to Five for Friday {Totally Random}

  1. Your little guy is a cutie, and geez, he already has the ball halfway there! See you. Kathleen at Kidpeople Clssroom


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