Don’t freak out! {5 ways to ease back to school stress}

Cheerful smiling funny boy on a green background.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times:  Back to school!

Fresh starts, pretty classrooms, new students…

Who has time to eat, sleep, shower, let alone feed children and get Pinterest perfect back to school outfits together?

My family knows that August means a big transition for us.  It’s a group effort to keep Mom from losing her mind.  I mean, kids actually need to eat a few times a day and they don’t seem to care if all my bulletin boards have perfectly layered border.  What’s that all about?

Here are five things that help my family survive back to school and make sure it’s the best of times.


GET OFF PINTEREST!!  Get your ideas and walk away.  Seriously, put down the phone.  Don’t open that laptop.  Go be the queen of your classroom.

When my room looks like this:

messy classroom


and I see someone’s Pinterest perfect classroom it just takes the wind out of my sails.

Make your room your own kind of perfect **cough*cough* shove the mess in the closet** and get to teaching.


Plan your meals.  Even if it’s planning to order pizza, I know I feel more prepared when I have a plan about what we’re going to eat for dinner each night.  One of our week night favorites is pulled pork.  Then we use the leftovers for super delicious “pork and fries” the next night.

finished dish

Click here for the yummy recipe!


Here’s my not so fancy (but super helpful) menu board.

Shop for your favorite lunches and prep what you can in advance.  Then, when you drag in the door after school you won’t have to worry about what you’re taking for lunch the next day.

Get yourself your favorite treats, too.  You deserve it.

candy on desk


Lay out your clothes (and actually wear them!)


I like to plan get all my clothes ready for the week on Sunday afternoons.  I lay them out, iron if I need to and even add accessories.  Then, when it’s time to get dressed I don’t have to think about it.  (But seriously, don’t let yourself go down the dark and twisty path of changing your mind and trying on everything in your closet!)


Set a “quitting time” and actually leave school then.


I know it’s hard and you have a million things to do, but honestly, if you need some time to be at home, too!  Give yourself permission to relax…or at least work on your couch in your pjs!


Make some weekend plans.


You’ll feel better on Monday if you haven’t worked all weekend (we all know you’ll probably work a little bit, but keep it under control!)


Even if you’re just going to the pool or out to dinner with friends, you’ll be liess likely to spend your whole weekend working if you have plans to look forward to!


fountains 01

How do you keep yourself on track at the beginning of the school year?





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3 Responses to Don’t freak out! {5 ways to ease back to school stress}

  1. Love the idea of setting quitting time. Great tips!


  2. Love this and the suggestions. I am a HUGE meal planner. We plan, shop and prep all of our dinner meals for the night on Sunday and it is a huge time and sanity saver. I love number 1 too! Thanks for sharing!


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