10 Books for the First Weeks of School

We are in our second week of school and I’m loving my new role as a reading intervention teacher.  But I’m also missing having my own classroom and reading my very favorite back to school books so I wanted to share those with you today!

books for back to school long pin

Getting started with a classic…

no david

Everyone’s favorite trouble maker goes back to school and breaks all the rules!


Chrysanthemum loves her name and her classmates learn a lesson about kindness.

What if everybody did that

A great reminder about why we have rules and what might happen if everybody decided to break the rules!

Everyone can learn to ride a bicycle

A short and sweet story about perserverance and learning new things.

the girl who never made mistakes

Beatrice never made a mistake…until one day she does!  A great lesson about grit and learning from our mistakes.

beautiful oops

A fun story about the beauty that can come from making “mistakes.”

the dot

A simple story about creating your own beautiful things!

The Most magnificant thing

A story of determination and perserverance – and building the most magnificent thing!

How Rocket learned to read

Rocket makes a new friend who helps him learn to find the joy of reading.

a big guy took my ball

And because it’s always a good idea to have a laugh…Piggie and Gerald remind us that it’s all about perpective in A Big Guy Took My Ball!


What are you reading in the first weeks of school?


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One Response to 10 Books for the First Weeks of School

  1. Sarah says:

    Love love all of these books!! I teach first grade 😊 Have a great year!


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