Classroom Reveal {My New Reading Room!}

Classroom Reveal Header

I’ve moved schools and traded in the first grade classroom for a new reading room.  This year I’m teaching Reading Recovery and Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) groups and I had so much fun setting up my new little space.  It’s a completely different expereince not having my own class, but I’m adjusting and loving my new role!

Here’s a peek at my new space.

reading table close

My new room is primarily for my Reading Recovery lessons – I’ll be pushing in for LLI groups.  Here’s my reading table.  You can read about how I organize this space here in my Reading Recovery series.

reading table

I’m storing my binders and my students’ books in these little binder bins in this new space.  I completely love these bright stripes, too!

RR Binder Storage

And I have a whole new set of my favorite Really Good Stuff book bins for all my leveled readers!

book bins

I do have a small group table in my room, too.

small group table

I had the most fun setting up my little desk/office area.  It’s been so long since I’ve had a teacher desk so I wanted to add some personal touches so that it feels comfy for all that reading intervention paperwork that will need to be done here!

classroom office area

unicorn lamp

I mean, seriously, how cut is this uniorn lamp?!?

desk with unicorn lamp

I’m also loving my new teacher toolbox!  Perfect to keep all our desk supplies organized.  You can find my editable toolbox labels here.

teacher toolbox

Here’s how it all comes together.

classroom panoramic

Can’t wait to get the learning started in my new space!




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5 Responses to Classroom Reveal {My New Reading Room!}

  1. So cute! Looks very inviting and organized. Good luck on your new endeavor!


  2. I also love the stripes. Did you add border and paper to your cupboards? How did you attach it? Looks like a very inviting reading room. I’d love to go to a lesson there. Thanks for sharing. ~Paige


  3. Andrea says:

    You’ve done so much with such a small space! I love the organization and it’s so bright and cheerful. So nice to be able to add a personal touch to your desk space. I’m sure your students will love to learn about you in that way. And that unicorn lamp…..swoon!


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