What Are Brag Tags? How Do I get Started? {Plus A Birthday Freebie!}


It’s the first birthday of The Primary Punchbowl and we’re celebrating with a blog hop full of celebration and fun freebies!

So, Brag Tags:  you’ve probably seen them popping up all over…Teachers Pay Teachers, Pinterest, Instagram…maybe you’re using them or maybe you’re wondering “What in the world are people doing with these things?!?”

How to get started with brag tags

The short answer is that brag tags are a positive rewards system for the classroom.

Students build a collection of tags for showing positive behaviors in the classroom and around the school.  My classroom students collect them on necklaces and my reading students have binder rings on their bags.

Getting started could seem a little overwhelming, but I promise it’s not!

Pick the tags you want to use and print them on card stock.  This is where HP Instant Ink is a total lifesaver!


Laminate your pages and cut them out – I don’t cut before laminating.  It’s enough cutting already.

Cut out your tags and if you’re planning on using rings or necklaces, hole punch each one.


Now, to get them organized.  This tool box is totally perfect.  You can find it on Amazon by clicking here.



I just tape a tag in the front of each drawer so I can easily see the options.


When I had a classroom, each student had a necklace that they kept in the classroom and we displayed on a bulletin board.

Brag Tab Board

Now that I’m teaching only reading intervnetion and working with small groups in their classrooms each student has a ring that they keep on their reading bag.


I still use my toolbox, but I also keep a huge ring of tags on my group bag to pass out in groups.


Now….what do brag tags have to do with celebrations?

Well, I use them to celebrate my students in a few different ways.

I use brag tags to reward my students for academic accomplishments: moving up to a new text level, learning all their letters, sounds or sightwords.  When I present these to my students I made a huge deal out of it!  We gather as a class and the student comes up in front of the class to be awarded their tag.  Then we celebrate with a class cheer for each student.  They totally eat it up and it makes their accomplishments feel so important.  Plus, my class was so motivated to earn these tags they would practice extra sightwords and do extra homework to master the skills they needed to earn tags!


I also give my students brag tags to celebrate holidays and classroom events.  Angie Olson from Lucky Little Learners is the brag tag queen and has a great set of holiday tags!

And finally to my freebie for you…Birthday Brag Tags!  Click below to grab yours now!


You can grab my Pokemon and Mario Brag Tag collections (plus everything else in my store!) at 20% off this weekend!  Click here to shop!


Keep hopping along and grab your next freebie from Elsa at The Whole Wheat Class!

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