Organizing Leveled Literacy Intervention Groups

This year, I’m a “Title Teacher.”  If you’re not familiar with this title, it means that I teach small group literacy intervnetion, funded by federal Title I money.  In my district these groups follow Fountas and Pinnell’s Leveled Literacy Intervnetion (LLI) and I push in to the third grade classrooms to teach.

Being new to this position, I wasn’t exactly sure how to get my supplies organized to teach in 3 different rooms.  After some trial and error, I have a system that’s working for me, and if you’re teaching LLI, or any push-in groups, I hope it’s helpful to you as well.


For starters, if you’re new to LLI, get your materials organized into the files!  I take absolutely no credit for this process – it was already done when I arrived at my school and I’m so thankful for it!


I use a binder clip with the group name on each file to keep track of which group I’m using it for.

Here’s what’s inside each file:


  • Four full color texts
  • Black and white keep books for the students to take (and in our case keep) at home
  • A copy of the lesson plans from the large manual (this is so helpful so you don’t have to drag that huge manual around!)
  • Running record forms and any other lesson materials (writing pages, word sorts, etc.)


Each week I pull the lesson files and organize them by group into these drawers.  Then it’s easy to just pull and go throughout the week!

title-group-basketsI keep a basket for each of my 5 groups.


Inside each basket I keep:

  • Student writing books
  • Old keep books as extra choices on running record days (when the students have more time for familiar reading beacuse I’m taking a running record and assessming comprehension)
  • A binder with all my group data


Our third graders have lockers that have a shelf across the top, which is perfect for storing my baksets!


(Almost) Everythig else I need for my groups I keep in this handy teacher tote.


This bag is the Tall Organizing Tote from Thirty-One, which I found with the help of my sweet friend Erin from Very Perry Classroom!  It’s pefect for carrying around school all day!


It fits everything I need to take from group to group and is wide enough to keep everything organized.


Here’s everyything I keep in my tote:

  • clipboard with a sheet to track which books each group has read
  • lesson files for each group
  • whiteboard for writing on during group
  • comprehension organizers – I love the organizers from Teaching In High Heels!  I keep an assortment in my bag and pull from them as needed.
  • a small pouch with various supplies: stickers, flashcards, notepaper, highlighter tape, etc.


The last bit of supplies I keep in the famous Target Dollar Spot spinning caddy.


So between the baskets, caddy and tote….plus necessary coffee, I am basically a bag lady running between rooms with my hands full all morning!  BUT my things are organized and easy to access!


With my hands (and heart) full, I am able to easily make each room feel somewhat my own and have everything I need easily at hand!


Are you teaching small group intervention or push-in groups?  I’d love to hear how you stay organized!


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6 Responses to Organizing Leveled Literacy Intervention Groups

  1. Dayna says:

    What do you keep in your sport binders!


    • Elisabeth says:

      Hi, Dayna!
      I use the binders for my reading intervention groups and each group gets a sport name. It makes it easier for me to organize their supplies when I name the groups and the kiddos usually like the sports theme!
      In each binder I have a section for each student in the group where I keep their attendance sheet, parent communication log, running records, observation notes and assessment info.
      Hope that’s helpful!


  2. Marilyn says:

    I am brand new to Title I and will be going out on my own this week. Thank you so much for these great tips!!


  3. Ellen says:

    Hi Elizabeth!
    I have an interview for an opening for a Reading Interventionist position this Monday…. can you give me some pointers for the interview? I am collecting any ideas for how the LL lessons that are 30-45 minutes long progress. I am aware of the basics with odd/even days, levels, etc. I have my own tutoring business where I teach with Orton-Gillingham methods and based curriculum. I really like the focus on phonemic awareness with Orton-Gillingham, so I do hope they spend time with LL on the basics of phonological processing.
    I love your organization skills!
    Thanks, Ellen


    • Elisabeth says:

      Hi, Ellen.
      LLI lessons follow a typical structure of familiar or rereading books, word work/phonics, and the reading of a new book or writing depending on the day. It is based on the Reading Recovery intervention and follows a similar structure but altered to fit with small groups rather then one-on-one intervention.
      I am not familiar with the kindergarten/first grade LLI kit but I would imagine that phonemic awareness figures in with the phonics piece of the lesson. It would certainly be possible to supplement the lessons with phonemic awareness depending on the students instructional needs.
      Thanks for stopping by and best of luck with the interview!


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