Silly Science Inspired by Dr. Seuss {Green Eggs and Ham}

Today I’m sharing another of my favorite Dr. Seuss treats to make with my class: Green Eggs and Ham!

Another tie in with states of matter, the kids always love this one because many of them have never seen chocolate melt to much more than a sticky mess!


For this treat you need:

green eggs and ham aftermath

  • small pretzle sticks
  • m&ms (I only use the green ones, so I usually get a big bag)
  • white melting chocolate – the discs or large blocks both work fine!
  • wax paper
  • crockpot or microwave to melt the chocolate

Start by observing the hard melting chocolate.  Notice that it is solid and write a hypothesis about what will happen when it is heated.

Then place your chocolate in the crockpot on low.  I usually let mine warm throughout literacy block, so about 90 minutes, but remember that crockpots can vary in their cooking speed.  Then, you can stir it enough to get it melted completely.  If you’re using the microwave you can follow these directions.

Once your chocolate is melted, observe the results.

Now for the fun part!

Put two pretzles (ham) on a piece of wax paper.


Next, place a scoop of melted chocolate on top of the preztles.  I just use a regular kitchen spoonful.  I typically do this part because I heat the chocolate in a crockpot and don’t want the kiddos to bump the hot edges.


Last, I have my the students place an m&m in the center as the yoke.

chocolate eggs and ham

The chocolate takes about 10 minutes to harden and then they are ready to eat! We always make extras to pass out around the school, too.  The kids love visiting the office and special teachers to explain the process and how we changed chocolate from a solid, to liquid and back again!

I use a lab booklet with this activity to make predictions and document results.  You can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking here.


What are you doing to celebrate Dr. Seuss in your classroom?



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