Mush Mush Readers {A Book Review}


As an early intervention teacher, I am always on the lookout for materials to use with my emergent and pre-readers.  I end up making books for my students so that I can target the words they know and the words I want them to learn….but that is a time consuming process!

I recently connected with Joanna Merideth – a kindergarten teacher turned author – and she shared her Mush Mush Sight Word Readers with me!


This sight word reader set featurers 10 titles that slowly increase in difficulty, while supporting early readers with bright illustrations and large, clear print.


This reader series starts with a wordless text – perfect for your students who are not yet controlling left to right or are just building their book handling skills!  They will feel successful at telling a story (or listening to you tell the story) and can practice their pre-reading skills without the pressure of remembering the words!


Then, the readers progress slowly, adding one word and supporting the earliest readers with paw prints to help with one-to-one matching in text!


The ten books in this series focus on topics that most students are familiar with and build slowly – one word at a time –  to make them supportive for all early learners.  Plus, the illustrations are vibrant and the pages are nice and thick for those little hands to turn without trouble!

My own kindergarten daughter loves to read them and they will be a great support for the early learners in my classroom, too!

You can find Mush Mush on Instagram @mushmushreaders or visit their website here:

Happy Reading,


*The materials in this blog post were recieved free of charge for my honest review.  All opinions are the authors alone.

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