St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Jello Treat


I love making simple treats with my students!  So many basic skills go into the creation of a snack: measuring, following step by step directions, taking turns.  Not to mention the science that goes into taking ingredients and transforming them into something new!

This simple St. Patrick’s Day science treat is sure to be a favorite with your class and is an excellent review for states of matter.

As we begin, I always divide my students into groups of four to complete science experiments.  I give each student a number that they keep on the table in front of them while we work.  Then, I assign each step of the experiment to a different number.  This allows all students to share in the expereince and keeps things organized and running smoothly.

For this experiment you will need:

  • green gelatin mix (one box per 4 students)
  • whipped cream
  • rainbow stripe candy belts
  • mixing bowls
  • mixing spoons
  • measuring cups
  • clear plastic cups
  • plastic spoons


Simply follow the directions on your gelatin to prepare.  I use COLD and HOT tap water when working with students and it works fine.


Pour the gelatin mix into a bowl.


Pour in one cup of HOT water (I use hot tap water).  Mix.  Add a cup of COLD water.  Mix.


Pour a half cup of mix into each cup.  I have my students use the measuring cup to scoop from the bowl and pour the liquid into cups.  This saves on the gelatin mix being spilled everywhere! 😉


Place the cups into the refrigerator and chill as directed.


After removing the cups from the refrigerator, add two whipped cream “clouds” on top of the gelatin.


Gently place a rainbow candy between the two clouds.  I cut them in half and they fit perfectly in the cups.


I use a simple lab booklet with this activity to review states of matter.


Students identify the state of matter at the start and write a hypothesis.


Then document results in writing and with an illustration.

You can find this lab booklet in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.

Do you cook with your class? I’d love to hear about your favorite classroom treats?


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