Making Rainbows {a simple candy science experiment}


I love simple science experiments that have amazing results!  This candy science experiment couldn’t be easier and it’s guarenteed to amaze!  It’s the perfect introduction to the scientific method and the process of asking a question and investigating to find the answer.


For this experiment you will need:

  • skittles
  • water
  • a shallow dish (white works best so that the colors stand out)


First, arrange the skittles around the outside of the dish.  I set mine up so they were touching.

If you’re using the scientific method, you’ll want to stop here and write a hypothsis to predict what will happen when you add hot water to the bowl.


Next, pour hot water into the bowl (I used hot tap water).  Aim for the middle of the bowl so that you don’t upset the skittles when you pour.

You’ll start seeing results immediately and it only takes a few second for the whole rainbow to form.





This got me wondering: would we get the same results from cold water?

So we tried again.


It takes a little longer to see the progress, but the results were the same.

You can see the lab booklet I used to guide students through this experiment by clicking here.


If you’ve tried this experiment, I’d love to hear what our class thought!


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