For Parents

School Supply Guide

It’s back to school time and we know that shopping for all those supplies can be overwhelming!  There are so many choices!  Here are some tips from your first grade team to make the process a little easier.

Expo Markers

Any dry erase markers will work, but Expo markers really do last longer so we end up needing to replace them less often.

Glue Sticks

Just like the dry erase markers, Elmer’s school glue sticks really are worth the extra cost.  They last longer and the purple ones help kiddos avoid using too much glue since they can see where they have put it.


Plain yellow pencils are preferred.  “Fancy” or wrapped pencils are hard on our pencil sharpener and difficult for the students to sharpen.  Pre-sharpened pencils are also wonderfully helpful for the beginning of the school year!


Solid color folders and notebooks are preferred.  You might want to look for the more durable plastic type folders to help them last through the school year.

Please mark your child’s crayons, headphones and book bag with his/her name.  All other supplies will be shared by the class and do not need to be labeled.

Our complete school supply list is:

4 Dry Erase Markers – Any Color, Low Odor

2 Spiral Bound Notebooks (Wide-Ruled)

24 #2 Pencils

1 Box of 24 Count Crayons

1 Box of 10 Color Washable Markers

1 Pair of Scissors

12 Glue Sticks

4 Plastic, 2-Pocket Folders with 3 Prongs

2 Boxes of Tissues

1 Book Bag

1 Pair of Headphones

1 Box of Re-sealable Plastic Bags (Ziploc) Boys – Quart Size and Girls – Gallon Size

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