Free Printable Valentines!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  If you’re like me, most years it’s February 13th and I realize that I need to have Valentine cards ready for my class!

Well, I’m here to help!  Check out these 4 easy, print and go Valentine options!  You can add a little gift – or just print them and pass them out!  As a bonus, they’re all editable, so you don’t even have to sign your name! 😉

Unless you’re a “mean mom” like me and you force your child to actually write their own name on all 24 cards for their classmates, then you can just highlight the editable field and delete the text before you print.

Click the images to grab your printables!


Disney’s Cars Valentines printable


You’re just WRITE Valentine printable


You blow me away, Valentine printable


Trolls Valentine Printable

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!



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Reading Recovery Mid-Year Check List


It’s that time of the year!  The first round students I’m still instructing are hitting week 20  so it’s time to transition and start testing new students.

I put together a little check list to help me stay on track while I test out my current students, then test and start lessons with new students.

You can grab my checklist free by clicking here.


How are your first round students finishing up?


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Silly Science Inspired by Dr. Seuss {Green Eggs and Ham}

Today I’m sharing another of my favorite Dr. Seuss treats to make with my class: Green Eggs and Ham!

Another tie in with states of matter, the kids always love this one because many of them have never seen chocolate melt to much more than a sticky mess!


For this treat you need:

green eggs and ham aftermath

  • small pretzle sticks
  • m&ms (I only use the green ones, so I usually get a big bag)
  • white melting chocolate – the discs or large blocks both work fine!
  • wax paper
  • crockpot or microwave to melt the chocolate

Start by observing the hard melting chocolate.  Notice that it is solid and write a hypothesis about what will happen when it is heated.

Then place your chocolate in the crockpot on low.  I usually let mine warm throughout literacy block, so about 90 minutes, but remember that crockpots can vary in their cooking speed.  Then, you can stir it enough to get it melted completely.  If you’re using the microwave you can follow these directions.

Once your chocolate is melted, observe the results.

Now for the fun part!

Put two pretzles (ham) on a piece of wax paper.


Next, place a scoop of melted chocolate on top of the preztles.  I just use a regular kitchen spoonful.  I typically do this part because I heat the chocolate in a crockpot and don’t want the kiddos to bump the hot edges.


Last, I have my the students place an m&m in the center as the yoke.

chocolate eggs and ham

The chocolate takes about 10 minutes to harden and then they are ready to eat! We always make extras to pass out around the school, too.  The kids love visiting the office and special teachers to explain the process and how we changed chocolate from a solid, to liquid and back again!

I use a lab booklet with this activity to make predictions and document results.  You can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking here.


What are you doing to celebrate Dr. Seuss in your classroom?



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Silly Science Inspired by Dr. Seuss {One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish}

I just love Dr. Suess week at school!  So much fun and silliness in one week!

For several years, I spent the weekend before this week making book themed treats.  The kids loved them and they were the perfect addition to our unit.

Then I realized something: why didn’t I have the kids help me make these silly treats?  It was the perfect science connection to our unit and for many students, the first time they had the chance to prepare their own snacks.


First up, I have some yummy One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Jell-o!  This activity ties in perfectly with states of matter, because not only are you changing the state of the power mix by dissolving it, but you are then changing a liquid to a solid to make the Jell-o.

For this activity you need blue gelatin mix (one box per 4 students), red fish candies, measuring cups, mixing spoons, small plastic cups and plastic spoons.

I like to have my students work in groups of four to make the Jell-o.  I facilitate this by giving each student a number 1, 2, 3, & 4, then asking each number to complete a different step of the process.

mixing jello

Just follow the directions on your Jell-o mix:

  1. Open the mix and pour it into the bowl.
  2. Pour in one cup of hot water (I typically just use hot tap water).
  3. Mix to dissolve the Jell-o – then pass the bowl so that everyone on the team can mix, too!
  4. Pour in one cup of cold water.
  5. Start mixing and pass the bowl so that everyone on the team can mix.
  6. Use the measuring cup to scoop out about a half cup of mix and pour in into a plastic cup.  (This just makes for easier pouring than firsties trying to pour from a bowl into a cup!)  It’s best if you pre-label the cups with student names so that they can be easily passed out after they chill.
  7. Put the cups in the refridgerator for 2 hours.
  8. Put 2-3 fish gummies in the cup.
  9. Enjoy!

I use a simple science lab booklet with this activity so students can make a hypothesis and document their results.

one fish blue fish

Quick and easy!  If you haven’t done any “cooking” with your class, this is the perfect activity to start with!

To can see the lab booklet in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by click here.


Do you cook with your class?  What’s your favorite thing to make?


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Train Craft {Polar Express OR Year Round Fun}

It’s December!  If your classroom is anything like mine, you’re powering through mid-year assessments so you can enjoy some holiday fun before break!

Today I’m sharing a fun addition to my Polar Express day: a train craft and writing activity.

I love using craftivities in the classroom!  They are a perfect way to practice cutting and fine motor skills, PLUS work on those direction following skills in a fun way!  And as a bonus you have something fun to display in the classroom.


This craft has four car options – train engine, passenger car and a coal car that can be used as a gift car for a Christmas or birthday train!

You can combine the cars to create a class train or have each kiddo build their own depending on how much time you have!

After building your train you can use the editable writing promts to tell about your train ride, describe the train you made or retell a favorite train story!


Click here to find this Train Craftivity in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

How do you use crafts in the classroom?


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